[How to burn fish soup whitish]_What’s going on_Solution

[How to burn fish soup whitish]_What’s going on_Solution

My mother will tell us that the fish soup must be whitish in order to be fragrant and delicious. Many people think that milk white soup is delicious and nutritious, nourishing and not greasy, which is the best product of Dabu.

Attempt that when confinement is used to supplement the body, there must be the presence of milky soup.

Some people also like to use milk soup to modulate various variables to make the local delicious and nutritious.

But apart from the level of mothers, it is really difficult to make whitish fish soup and the taste is not so delicious.

This article introduces the precise method of milk white fish soup.

You can make milk white fish soup according to the following method: use raw catfish, 2 gingers, 3 slices of edible oil, 30 ml cooking wine, 15 ml of vinegar, a small amount of pepper, and a small amount of pepper.

(Not all fish can make a milky white soup, depending on the type of fish, we choose the common catfish) 2. Dry the wok and wipe the bottom of the pot evenly with the sliced ginger slices.Can prevent the skin from sticking to the pan during frying.

3, raise the oil pan to about 190 degrees (if there is no thermometer, take a little smoke as a reference).

4. Fry the fish until the cuticle is slightly yellow, and turn the other side.

5. Drizzle 15 ml cooking wine on the fish, fry for a while, lift it up and put it into the soup pot.

6. Inject boiling water, submerge the fish, cover the shells, and simmer for 20 minutes on high heat.

Sprinkle a bit of vinegar (increasing the umami flavor, which is good for the precipitation of calcium) and pepper, then reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes, turn off the heat.

7. Remove the sturgeon, filter the fish soup with a strainer, and separate the residue.

8. Finally, according to personal taste, sprinkle a little salt and spring onion.

Tips: 1. It is best to choose wild and fresh catfish.

2. When the pan is fried, wipe the bottom of the pan with ginger slices after heating the pan, then add oil to heat and fry, so that the fish is not easy to break the skin.

3, the soup of Xiang Yao fish soup turns milky white. When adding water to boil the soup, it is recommended to add hot water, so that the fish soup soup is white.

4. Finally, if you like to eat pepper, you can also add some white pepper so that the soup tastes great.

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