very long!Zhang Ziyi’s first TV series was renamed again, “Shangyang Fu” is expected to be 80 episodes

Air Force Zuo Xiaoqing and Zhang Ziyi filmed on film.The picture comes from the Internet recently. According to the public announcement of the TV drama plan of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the TV drama “Emperor Phoenix” starring Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Weiwei, Zuo Xiaoqing, Yang Youning, and Zhao Yazhi was renamed “Shangyang Fu” and then renamed “Shangyang Fu”.80 episodes.It is reported that this drama is the first time Zhang Ziyi starred in a TV series, which was killed on November 26, 2018, and is expected to be broadcast in 2020.”Shangyang Fu” shooting scene.The picture comes from the online “Emperor Phoenix Industry” which took a total of 273 days (about 9 months) of filming. It is adapted from the sleeper’s novel “Emperor Industry”. It describes the decay of imperial power, the extravagance of nobles, and the king of the county (Zhang Ziyi))) The first love with the third prince Zi Dan (Yang Youning) was unfortunately involved in the battle, and Wang Dan became his father’s chess piece, married to Yu Zhang Wang Xiaoqi, who was a monk (Monday decoration).On the wedding night, Xiao Qi was forced to leave the capital, and Wang Dan was ashamed and disheartened.Prince Helan kidnapped Wang Dan and sought revenge against Xiao Qi. The husband and wife reunited after a lot of hardships to destroy the rebels. After the chaos of the Helan people at the border, they fell in love and knew each other to protect the people of their homeland.According to Zuo Xiaoqing’s Weibo, “Emperor Phoenix” is the director of the Best Photography Award of the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, has directed the movie “Jasmine Blossoms”, the director of the TV series “Salary and Tales”, and participated in “Farewell My Concubine”The filming of “Wuji” and “My Father and Mother” has been co-directed by directors of popular dramas such as the TV series “Pleiades of the Sky” and “Little Farewell”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Chen Diyan

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