Moved by the real deeds, Tian Qinxin composed the folk song and dance drama On the Road to Poverty Alleviation

Moved by the real deeds, Tian Qinxin composed the folk song and dance drama “On the Road to Poverty Alleviation”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Liu Zhen) Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2019 National Reality Outlook and Revolutionary History Stage Art Key Project, with Tian Qinxin as Chief Screenwriter, Chief Director, Yin Qing as Music Director, Song Xiaoming’s folk song and dance”The Road to Poverty Alleviation” will be staged in Beijing in October 2020.”The Road to Poverty Alleviation” is based on Huang Wenxiu, the first secretary of Baili Village in Baile City, Baise City, Guangxi. From being untrusted to becoming a good secretary praised by the villagers, she is optimistic and works hard to gradually get out of the village., An adaptation of a true story at the age of 30 at the expense of poverty alleviation.Tian Qinxin, the chief screenwriter of “The Road to Poverty Alleviation”.On July 8, 2018, under the communication of Cheng Peng, Director of the Performance Management Department of the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, more than ten experts formed the “Poverty Alleviation Road” wind gathering group, which went into 7 counties (cities, districts) in Baise and started a period7 days of wind collecting activities.In November of the same year, five people from the music creation team of “The Road to Poverty Alleviation” came to Longlin County, Baise to develop a special collection of original ecological music.The rich materials of folk songs, folk customs and folk sentiments in Longlin County laid the foundation for the music creation of “The Road to Poverty Alleviation”.Starting in mid-February 2019, the chief screenwriter and chief director Tian Qinxin turned to the “Poverty Alleviation Road” mining team composed of more than ten artists to go deep into Lingyun County, Baise for research, mining, and face-to-face talks with farmers and poverty alleviation cadres.Through this first-line grass-roots gathering, the creative team’s integration of cultural assistance is an important channel for rural revitalization and targeted poverty alleviation.During the period of mining, the screenwriter set off the front of Tian Qinxin and started to develop the outline of the script of “The Road to Poverty Alleviation”.Over the next four months, the composer, screenwriter, and lyricist carefully studied the national poverty alleviation policy, and deeply understood the firmness and courage of party members and cadres working on the frontline of poverty alleviation. After several creative meetings, they completed the finalized script of “The Road to Poverty Alleviation”.Of course, at the age of 30, Huang Wenxiu, the first secretary of Baini Village, Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi, was killed in a torrent of torrents.After the bad news came, Tian Qinxin introduced some of the main creative members to Lingyun County, Guangxi for the first time to investigate the wind collection at the place of Huang Wenxiu ‘s death and learned about Huang Wenxiu ‘s life story. He was moved and was in office for only one year and two months, Huang Wenxiu wrote down three diary of poverty alleviation, Tian Qinxin was deeply moved by the deeds of this girl who never knew each other.After the release of this release, the creative team of “The Road to Poverty Alleviation” quickly adjusted and determined a new creative direction, with the sacrifice of Huang Wenxiu, the first secretary of Baini Village, Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi as the creative framework.To restore her deeds, she paid tribute to more than 2.8 million village cadres who fought hard on the “poverty alleviation road”, the first secretary, and more than 770 first-line cadres who sacrificed their positions in poverty alleviation.Tian Qinxin believes that “the creation of stories must first impress oneself. The creation process is also a process that is moved by the people. Through our sincerity and expression of conscience, it affects more people.”Party cadres like Huang Wenxiu are worthy of acclaim and worth describing.”Theatrical stage needs such positive energy.It is reported that the folk song and dance drama “The Road to Poverty Alleviation” will perform in Baise, Guangxi in March, and in Nanning, Guangxi in July and August. It is expected to appear on the Beijing stage in October.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Jun